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Currently, I am a sophomore student at Morgan State University, located in Baltimore, Maryland. I am pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. My expected graduation date is in 2026.

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About My Mentor

My mentor, Dr. Jeremy Waisome from the University of Florida, is a researcher specializing in machine learning models and algorithms inspired by ecological problems and datasets. Her work aligns with the computational sustainability community, where she explores how computer science can contribute to the promotion of Earth’s ecosystem health and focuses on the development of augmented reality and its applications in micro and nano-fabrication processes with a focus to enhance technologies for teaching, learning, and advancements in the field.

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About My Project

MR for Semiconductor Fab Labs:

Augmented reality (AR) application that has been specially designed to cater to students aspiring to enter the semiconductor manufacturing industry. Its primary focus is on enhancing the comprehension of photolithography processes, a crucial aspect of semiconductor fabrication. One of the significant obstacles faced by students in this field is the financial constraints associated with gaining access to cleanrooms and using expensive equipment. To address this challenge, the application provides an immersive and affordable alternative by creating a virtual environment for learning and practicing these processes. Through the use of AR technology, the application offers an interactive and hands-on learning experience, allowing students to visualize and interact with photolithography processes step-by-step. My Final Report

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